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Dynamics 365 FAQs

Why should I upgrade my existing platform to MS Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 combines the capabilities of an ERP as well as CRM under one framework. Its components work seamlessly with applications such as Outlook, Office 365, Cortana, and more. Further, one can choose the desired app needed, and pay only for those items accordingly.

How does the Dynamics 365 Business edition differ from the Enterprise edition?

Microsoft essentially says that there is a single Enterprise Edition for Dynamics 365, and would not release a Business Edition per se. Businesses will have to choose from various apps such as Field Services, Customer Services, Sales, Marketing, and others – based on user requirements.

What is the specific advantage from Dynamics 365 over the previous Microsoft Dynamics products?

Microsoft Dynamics365 allows firms to choose the apps they require, and precisely pay towards those. So, one selects the components based on their requirements, and attain the functionality that fits well enough to run their specific workflows and processes.

Are there any BI tools embedded with Dynamics 365?

Yes, Dynamics 365 is bundled with Power BI and Cortana, which are considered the two most powerful BI tools. These are leveraged for developing actionable insights to frame business strategy and future outlook. Power BI and Cortana can be selected for teams involved in strategic decision-making.

Define some of the major record-level privileges in Dynamics 365

Listed below are some major privileges set by Dynamics 365 administrators

Create: Allows creation of records in Dynamics 365
Delete: Authorizes permanent removal of records
Read: Permission to open and view records
Write: Allows record edits and changes
Assign: Privilege to transfer the ownership of a record
Append: Association of one record with another record

There are certain other special privileges that give users more flexibility, such as ‘Append To’ used for joining current record with another.